Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Many clinical studies exist to suggest that hypnosis can be used in treating a wide variety of physical and/or psychological conditions.

Although viewed with trepidation by some, hypnosis is a very relaxing and pleasant experience. In fact, it is an entirely natural process that we commonly experience in everyday life.

For example, hypnotic trance occurs when our attention is focussed so intently that we become unaware of time or surroundings, for example, whilst ‘lost’ in a book, or a film; we become less aware of what is going on ‘outside’, and more focussed on what is happening ‘inside’.

It is a natural therapy that harnesses a person’s in-built capacity to heal themselves. This is achieved by enlisting each individual’s natural ability to focus attention ‘inside’. In doing this, the source of underlying problems – that are proving detrimental to health and wellbeing – can be identified more easily, making it easier to facilitate solutions to these problems.
By focussing attention on the unconscious, negative and destructive patterns and thought processes that have built over time can be changed into more positive and helpful ones.


 Hypnotherapy can offer a wide range of benefits including:

• Teaching you how to relax, allowing you to reduce your anxiety, as well as mental and physical stress and tension.

• Processing memories that have been blocked by your unconscious mind and are preventing you from dealing with them and moving on.

• Communicating with the unconscious mind that certain situations are not life threatening, as you perceive them to be. This can help you relax and think more clearly when the situation arises in future.

• Changing the way your mind thinks about future events, allowing you to prepare fully for forthcoming events or be calmer and more relaxed about the information.

• Helping the unconscious mind differentiate between matters which you have some control over and those you don’t.



What sort of issues can I help with?


  • Promoting relaxation and reducing stress

  • Alleviating insomnia

  • Dealing with anxiety and phobias

  • Managing pain

  • Enhancing performance in sport and business

  • Managing weight

  • Stopping smoking

  • Tackling unwanted habits and building positive ones

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Managing change

  • Alleviating skin conditions

  • Managing performance anxiety

  • Increasing your confidence levels

  • Promoting general psychological and physical well-being 


Hypnotherapy for Cancer and Life Limiting Illness


Hypnotherapy can help manage the following problems:

  • Problems with diagnosis such as fear,  uncertainty and a sense of impending doom

  • Body image problems

  • Procedural distress

  • Manage the side-effects of chemo and radiotherapy such as:gastrointestinal side effects; fatigue; pain; insomnia; alteration in taste, decreased salivation and difficulty in swallowing; emotional and mental wellbeing; loss of interest/ guilt / isolation/ self esteem issues, dealing with relapse/ or support during remission

  • Helps to improve the quality of life ​

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is a relaxed and focused state of mind brought about by the use of a set of relaxation techniques. It enhances your concentration and increases your responsiveness to positive suggestions in order to make the beneficial changes that you wish to make.

Will I be asleep? 
No, contrary to popular opinion, you are not asleep during hypnosis. You are fully aware of what is happening and what is being said to you. You give the impression of being asleep because your body is totally relaxed, but “hypnotic sleep” bears no resemblance to normal sleep.

Are there any side effects?
No, there are absolutely no negative side effects from being hypnotised. It is a perfectly safe and natural way of using your own inner resources to reorganise your thoughts and behaviours to bring about beneficial change. Most clients enjoy the mental and physical relaxation they experience. After the session you will feel very relaxed and it is completely safe to drive, operate machinery or anything else.

Will I be out of control?
No, when in a hypnotic trance you will have a feeling of profound relaxation whilst remaining in complete control of your thoughts and actions during every session.   If there is something that you prefer to keep private, then that is your choice.

Is all information and personal detail kept confidential? 
Yes, your confidentiality is assured.

How many sessions will I need?
This will vary from person to person and to some extent will depend on the nature of the problem and how long it has been there – typically between one and six sessions.


Clinical Hypnotherapist consulting at Natural Health Service

Sandra Graham MSc, BA, RGN, PG Cert (Clin, Hyp.) BSCH (Assoc.)

How do I book a session?


Appointments are available:

Every Wednesday from 1700-2100

Monthly on Saturday mornings from 0915-1300

Fees: £50 per session

Stop Smoking session £100. (Free follow up session if unsuccessful.)


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