Medical Herbalism

What Is Herbal Medicine?


Herbal Medicine is the use of remedies derived from plants to treat disease. It is the oldest and still the most widely practiced form ofmedicine in the world today. Herbal Medicine, is based on our traditional medicinal heritage. Throughout the years, medicinal plants have been introduced from around the world for their particular and valuable therapeutic effects. The balance of active constituents contained in each plant has been found to impart specific and individual actions on the body. Some plants have a particular affinity to certain organs or systems and a herbalist will use this knowledge to help to restore the body back to its optimum balance and health.

Why Choose Herbal Medicine?


Medical Herbalists treat the body, mind and emotional wellbeing as a whole. They recognise that each person is an individual with varying constitutional differences. For example, some people tend to suffer from dry and hot, irritable conditions, others from cold, damp congested conditions. The constitution will govern how a condition affects them and the treatment that each person receives will be based upon the recognition of these differences. Although the condition may be medically recognised as the same, in herbal medicine it will be treated by prescribing herbs based on the requirements of a persons constitution and the symptoms that they experience.

What Can Herbal Medicine Do For You?


Herbal medicines can be used to help almost any condition that a patient may take to your GP including:
chronic and acute conditions

  • stress and anxiety

  • respiratory conditions

  • digestive problems

  • muscle and joint aches and pains

  • childhood complaints

  • skin conditions

  • urinary conditions

  • menopausal menstrual and fertility problems



We regret that we do not have a Medical Herbalist currently practicing at NHS at this time

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